Monday, September 15, 2008

Usability and JDeveloper

Alright, I agree I might not be working with all my brain after a nice and heavy meal of eggplant parmigiana, but Oracle's JDeveloper is not epitome of usability in my experience. This is the first time I have used this IDE (I still "heart" Eclipse!). I am only using it since it integrates well with the Oracle Fusion Middleware and that is my new mission in life to get well-versed in.

As a simple first step (after the not-so simple step of installing Oracle's SOA Suite), I am trying to create a portlet based out of the Oracle WebCenter framework. I relied on the cuecards to lead me through the process. Of course, the second step on the cuecard is to launch the Oracle PDK-Java Portlet Wizard - without explaining how to do so. I had to go to the "Show Me" menu on the cuecards to launch a browser window and an Oracle "viewlet" that actually visually showed me how to launch the wizard - a three-step process in itself.

Not to put the product down or anything, but figuring out how to launch a wizard should really not be rocket science!


Brian Fry said...

(I'm from the JDeveloper product management team)

This is an area we've improved recently. Out of curiosity, which version of JDeveloper are you working with?

Did you know you can just click on the text that looks like "Launch the xx wizard" to have the cue card invoke the action? In Release 11, we now show the path to the wizard (for example, File > New > Java Files > Java Class) in a tooltip when you hover over the link.

brian dot fry at oracle (.com)

Shanti said...

Hi Brian,

Thank you for the really quick response. I am using JDeveloper I saw the link on the cue card - it worked for me once and failed a few times (of course, that could probably be due to memory issues on my side).

As for the tool tip in 11, I think that is a great idea and a time-saver for new users.

Brian Fry said...

It shouldn't fail, even if there's insufficient memory... might just take longer to load is all.

It could be that you are running into some modality problems that we have where if help is invoked from a modal dialog, the help is also modal, and then you can't operate on the window in the background. This is a pain, and it's hard to figure out what's gone wrong when it happens. Happily, this has also been fixed in Release 11. :-)

-- Brian

Shanti said...

I bet that was what it might have been - the modality issue. So glad to hear that it has been fixed in release 11 (says the blogger who downloaded tech preview for 11, but hasn't tried it yet) :)