Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No cupcake yet?

Well, T-Mobile has really messed it up this time. I was not around for the RC33 update for G1 so I cannot speak for it, but this has been too much. Cupcake, the much-touted 1.5 version of Android has been out for a while now for dev phones and as a stable release. T-Mobile customers have been eagerly awaiting cool new updates for the G1 like stereo blue-tooth and video recording.

T-Mobile had announced that cupcake will be provided as an OTA update for T-Mobile customers in the week of May 11th (checks date - yep, this week). Soon, the information changed to "end of the week of May 11th". So far, it is not here yet. How hard is it for a company to set a hard date - say, May 15th - and stick to it for the update? By making vague predictions, they are really making their customer anxious and run the risk of losing them if they make them too mad. Hopefully, they will learn from this and not repeat the process.

update: Looks like the rollout has been pushed back by another week now. Hopefully, T-Mobile has learned their lesson and will manage expectations better for the next rollout.

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