Wednesday, June 24, 2009


via Instapundit comes this interesting post by Lou Minatti about Indian IT workers. The post makes some fair points about lack of creativity among Indian workers and so do the comments. Of course, considering my husband and I have been Indian and IT workers in the US for more than a decade, I am compelled to weigh in on the discussion.
  • I agree that a lot of Indians in the US have Masters' degrees and expect to buy respect with them, which is not how it works over here. I would also point out quite a few of these Masters' degree holders actually graduated with engineering degreed in a very tough and competetive education system in India - this makes them pretty bright already.
  • There has definitely been a disturbing trend lately in the newcomers from India and those who work on outsourced positions - they need complete and total instructions to do anything remotely useful - good for mundane, repetitive tasks, but bad in situations that need quick thinking on their feet.
  • Everybody knows that the dirty secret of why US firms hire anyone off-shore - it has nothing to do with being bright or "employable" - it is that you get cheap workers. This ofcourse, applies to Indians, Chinese and everyone else who will work for less money than an American worker - everything else is just excuses.
I do have to add that when I am about to interview any Indians, I do tend to go over the resume a little bit more carefully than any one else'. They temd to exaggerate and even make up stuff a lot of times vs. others. Thoughts?

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